Facilities at SaBac

Class Rooms

In a teaching institution, class rooms provide the essentially needed environment for the educational process and have deep impact on the class room instructions. The lecture rooms are equipped with modern teaching aids such as digital multimedia and overhead projectors, comfortable furniture and are fully air conditioned. In addition there is a big seminar hall and a conference room for arranging conferences seminars and faculty meetings.


Library plays a pivotal role and is one of the major ingredients of a modern teaching institution. SaBac library has rich collection of about 3,000 latest books on Management; IT related disciplines, Textiles and Engineering. We are also subscribing to a large number of National and International research journals. The library facility is available for long hours to the staff and students. An essential component of SaBac library is the book bank which provides the facility of text books to students in their respective areas of study. Library staff is available to help readers make the best use of the resources. New students are encouraged to meet the librarian at their earliest opportunity to discuss how the library can best support their studies.

Computer Labs

The SaBac campus have state of the art, well equipped computer laboratories. These are connected through local area network (LAN) and DSL for internet facility. These labs provide the opportunity to use computers for practical work, projects, and internet requirements. Dedicated computational facility to those involved in research is also provided.

Digital and computer hardware labs have also been established to provide hands-on training to the students in applying knowledge related to computer hardware. All these labs are being constantly updated and it is ensured that the equipment is in working condition.

School-Industry Linkage

We coordinate with employers, regionally, nationally and internationally to promote the employment opportunities for our students and to pursue prospective employers to induct our graduates. Moreover, we encourage our students to work on real life projects specially related to industry. We try to ensure that our university is seen by the local industry as a place they can turn to, for troubleshooting and crisis management. This also helps our students to get the experience of working on practical problems and providing viable solutions thereof.

We have chalked out an ambitious internship program whereby the students are referred to relevant industrial concerns for completion of their assignments. The performance of the internees is regularly monitored and evaluated. Through these internships, we help our students in establishing the direly needed link with the local industry. Students are required to document their findings by submitting formal reports at the end of internship period.

Book Bank

The book bank at SaBac contains all the course related textbooks for the students and faculty. In order to ensure uniformity and timely availability of books, the university arranges the textbooks recommended by the respective teachers well in time.


Students are expected to remain on the campus for extended hours. Their food related needs are catered to by an elegant cafeteria, which has neat and clean kitchen. The café remains open till late at night and meets the requirements including food, snacks and beverages. Both traditional and fast foods are available in a hoard of varieties.

Cultural, Sports & Social Activities

The SaBac encourages students to take part in co-curricular activities. Students Affairs Department concentrates on recreation and exploring talent of the students through sports, cultural and stage performances. Creative writing and debating forms part of the intellectual activities that the students undertake as per their interests. Students enjoy group leisure trips to tourist spots and hill stations of the country. To discover and foster sports talent, university encourages indoor/outdoor games like cricket, badminton, basketball and table tennis.


At SaBac Campus, lectures by renowned professionals are a matter of routine. Religious scholars, eminent educationists, executives, professors and scientists from within and abroad are invited to visit the Campus and share their experiences with our faculty and students. The SaBac faculty and the post-graduate students are also required to hold seminars on the topics of their interest.

Scholarships / Financial Assistance

Scholarships are available for the talented students with a first class academic career and those who are unable to pay their fee due to unavoidable circumstances. Details about scholarships can be obtained from the office of the Registrar.

Academic Counseling and Guidance

At the time of induction, the students are guided by the Admission Office. Later, the admissions committee comprising faculty members from FMS and FC provide the much needed guidance to fresh students. At the end of each semester, the students who do not show upto the mark progress, are provided the opportunity to decide their future course of action in a Faculty Board meeting presided by the Director of the Institute. Other members of the board are the Deputy Directors, Senior faculty members, Program Coordinators and Deputy Registrar. Achievable yet challenging targets are set for the students with their consent and their progress is regularly monitored. Failure of the students in meeting such targets renders them ineligible for continuation of their studies at SaBac.


Private housing and hostel facilities are available for the students coming from outside Lahore. Hostel facility for female students have been provided adjacent to the campus. Further details about the facility can be obtained from the office of the Registrar.

Transport Facility

The SaBac provides transport facility to the desirous students. Further details about the facility and the plying routes can be obtained from the office of Admin of the School.

Research & Development

SaBac has an established culture of R&D. The School facilitates research by providing a conducive environment, and material resources including journals, software and latest computers. The faculty members are engaged in tackling latest problems of research and finding application of the newly developed techniques. They regularly publish their findings in journals of international repute. The students get inspiration and encouragement from their teachers who show persistence in research activities. Some of the students continue with the projects initiated by the faculty members while others pick practical problems from the local industry. Many students working on the practical problems faced by the industry receive sponsorship from the related industry

Career Counseling and Placement

A Career Counseling Cell (CCC) was setup at the Campus to assist our graduates to develop their careers in the fields of their choice and aptitude. This setup has now been revamped and the involvement of the faculty members in the career counseling activity has been enhanced manifold since they are believed to be in a much better position to understand the needs and aspirations of their students. The process of guidance and counseling starts at an early stage. A team of faculty members arranges internships based on the inclinations of students. The information generated in the process is documented for future use.

The Career Counseling Cell uses this information and offers individual career counseling to help students in selection and definition of career alternative, as well as job search initiative. It also assists them in seeking lucrative jobs. A large number of organizations including banks, industries and companies are approaching us for appointment of our graduates. We produce here some letters from these organizations seeking appointments of our graduates.

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